Our Vehicles

Vehicle range available includes:

  • 7.5 ton gross with 6.5ton/meter crane fitted with trailer hitch.
  • 18ton gross with 16 ton/meter crane fitted with beaver tail body & twist locks.
  • 26 ton gross with 31 ton/meter crane fitted with extending body up to 32' & twist locks
  • 26 ton gross with 30 ton/meter crane with cheese wedge body, winch and twist locks.
  • 32ton gross 8 wheel 60 ton/meter with extra long reach fitted with fitted with 32' extending body & twist locks.
  • 32 ton gross 8 wheel 63/ton meter with cheese wedge body, winch and twist locks

Contact Details

River Wharf
Mulberry Way
DA17 6AR

020 8311 2232 

020 8310 8232

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