HGV MOT Testing in Belvedere


VOSA approved authorised testing facility

At Dean Transport we are very proud to offer HGV & PSV MOT testing services in London and the surrounding areas.

HGV & PSV MOT testing

We are authorised to offer Public service and commercial vehicle MOT testing. This includes MOT testing LRC, RPC emmissions certificates, Voluntary roller brake testing and headlight testing, Test weight hire, loaded test trailer hire and should the worst happen, re-testing and PG9 clearances.

Money Saving Potential

Our VOSA approved ATF lane offers great money saving potential to you. With its conveniant location in South London not far from the MOT you have possibilites to save traveling time, fuel and even Dartford crossing fees. With our flexible approach to booking and testing we will do our best to accomodate you and your needs. Due to a governmentdirected scheme all HGV & PSV testing stations are to be closed down making MOT bookings very dificult. Let us take the trouble out of MOT bookings for you and your organisation.

For Bookings Call 0208 311 2232

Please call the above number to book all MOT, LRC, RPC, Re-test and PG9 clearances. Bookings can be made several months in advance giving you piece of mind that your vehicle will never be off the road while you despiratley try to find an available test appointment.

Contact Details

River Wharf
Mulberry Way
DA17 6AR

020 8311 2232 

020 8310 8232

Give us a call today for further information on our services.

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